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Just got my valentines from Jack at They are so cute!!

Real Swingers!


This lovely Barbiesq Southern blonde belle wins the prize for My Fanciest Valentine Card. She has an easel backing so the recipient could display her on her dressing table and dream of being her one day. Her dress has gold glitter stripes. She is 8 1/2″ tall and hasn’t aged a bit in over 60 years. The envelope was dated 1945!

Circa 1940s

Circa 1940s.

The inside message.

If you’re not a cat fancier, no worries. Puppies and dogs are just as common on vintage Valentines. The photos above are part of my own personal collection. But I just found this etsy shop with lots of great Valentines for sale. – and lots of other cool vintage ….

circa 1940s

circa 1930s

Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Another common graphic guaranteed to pop up in a stack of vintage valentines is the old fashioned black school chalkboard. Just shows how today’s technology has changed. Take a look at valentines found at your local card shop today — you’ll be hard pressed to find a chalkboard!

Circa 1940s

I picked out some Valentines with silly sayings! Can you imagine having to think up these corny quotes all day long. Another reminder of how simple things were back in the 40s and 50s.

Circa 1940s

Vintage rotary dial phone card circa 1940s


Circa 1950s





   Today’s Vintage Valentine theme is Animated Animal Antics featuring a variety of vintage animals – both domestic and wild. Animals were a common theme in valentines – particularly cats and dogs – but these cards featured some of the more uncommon critters from the Animal Kingdom. I am not offering Vintage Valentines for sale in my own etsy shop, but here are some other  shops where you can find cute cards.,  

This site offers fabulous graphics:  


Watch for antique and vintage Valentine ephemera I’ll be posting everyday until the 14th (well, I have so many, I might post them throughout the rest of February.)

vintage inspiration

Vintage Inspiration