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Robert Kaufman Hit the Trail fabric in my esty shop

I’m from Texas, so naturally I love cowboys (especially when they wear Wranglers, but this blog is about crafting and vintage, not all that naughty stuff) Anyway, my favorite cowboy image is often portrayed on fabric, like this Robert Kaufman piece I just found yesterday! I’ll soon be visiting the folks back home, so will be showing some other cowboy related crafts as I prepare to hit the trail!


circa 1930s

Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Another common graphic guaranteed to pop up in a stack of vintage valentines is the old fashioned black school chalkboard. Just shows how today’s technology has changed. Take a look at valentines found at your local card shop today — you’ll be hard pressed to find a chalkboard!

Circa 1940s

I picked out some Valentines with silly sayings! Can you imagine having to think up these corny quotes all day long. Another reminder of how simple things were back in the 40s and 50s.

Circa 1940s

Vintage rotary dial phone card circa 1940s

vintage inspiration

Vintage Inspiration