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Some of my favorite vintage fabric 3/4" buttons

Think text messaging is new? No way! The New England Candy Company (NECCO) actually began printing messages on candy back in the 1860’s. Today they even have an iPhone App and offer recipes and crafts. Visit their fun site at

I made the ring below using a realistic –  but  reproduction-  Sweetheart tile that looks good enough to eat. The glossyred button background is mounted on an adjustable silver finished ring band. The most fun valentine gift ever! I’ll even ship it in a heart shaped ring box!

Conversation Heart Valentine Ring by VintageInspiration

SOLD. Converation Heart Valentine Ring by VintageInspiration

And they lived happily ever after!!!


1939, Walt Disney Productions

The purrrrfect valentine for your cat lover can easily be found at any antique mall. Cats and kittens on vintage valentines are so common, I couldn’t decide which ones to post.  Feel free to click and copy these images….


Circa 1950s





   Today’s Vintage Valentine theme is Animated Animal Antics featuring a variety of vintage animals – both domestic and wild. Animals were a common theme in valentines – particularly cats and dogs – but these cards featured some of the more uncommon critters from the Animal Kingdom. I am not offering Vintage Valentines for sale in my own etsy shop, but here are some other  shops where you can find cute cards.,  

This site offers fabulous graphics:  

vintage inspiration

Vintage Inspiration