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A vintage valentine designed to resemble a box of candy. Card puchased from

Ribbon and rose vintage candy box

Large candy box from See's with lacey edging

Candy box from Violet64 etsy shop

Vintage Candy Box from Violet64 on etsy

Vintage Valentine Candy Box from Violet64 on etsy

It wouldn’t matter if there were chocolate covered ants inside, as long as they come in a fancy vintage candy box! The more elaborate – the better.  Heck, forget the chocolates and just give me the empty box. I’m still building my own collection and don’t have any to sell, so I found another shop on etsy that has several and have pictured just a few here.  Check it out


I found a scrapbook at a junk store filled with cards given to the original owner. These dated around 1945. With WWII in Europe, the country was filled with patriotic pride and giving Valentines depicting the US military showed love and support for the Stars and Stripes.  Check out this site for info on women serving in WWII or

Nor would you find a Valentine today featuring a soldier and a warhead….

And they lived happily ever after!!!


1939, Walt Disney Productions

circa 1930s

Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Another common graphic guaranteed to pop up in a stack of vintage valentines is the old fashioned black school chalkboard. Just shows how today’s technology has changed. Take a look at valentines found at your local card shop today — you’ll be hard pressed to find a chalkboard!

Circa 1940s


Watch for antique and vintage Valentine ephemera I’ll be posting everyday until the 14th (well, I have so many, I might post them throughout the rest of February.)

vintage inspiration

Vintage Inspiration