Just a note to let you know that I will be on a short break and not posting for a few days. You can always send me convos through my etsy shop, too. 

Vintage paint-by-number scanned and made into notecard set


Some of my favorite vintage fabric 3/4" buttons

I love creating button rings. Because each on is unique, there are a few that I just can’t part with. These two Texas themed rings will always be favorites. Both feature unique and hard to find buttons. The Texas button I found at an antique store in Navasota. I suspect it was off a State Trooper’s uniform or some other state employee. The buckin’ bronco silver ox button was a man’s cufflink button. Haven’t come across more of those in many years.

Vintage Texas button stacked ring

Buckin' cowboy button ring. One of my favorites!

My Mother is a real work of art. A true crafter who started sewing when she was a little girl living during the Depression. Although it was out of necessity, those skills have served her well as crafting has been an inspirational pasttime for my Mom during the past eight decades. Her current work is inspired by her life-long residency in the Lone Star State. With the help of my Dad, broken guitars are upcycled for use as a canvas for Texas themed pictures she has collected.  Images are cut and layed out by hand, and she painstakingly makes sure each picture  is placed in just the right position for the best balance of color and contrast.  Mom sells these one-of-a-kind pieces and will also donate the finished guitars to local charity auctions as bidding items.  I’ll be visiting the folks back home for a few days, and wanted to post some photos of my Mom’s recent work before I hit the trail.

Close up of Texas themed decoupaged guitar made by my crafty Mom.

Art guitar covered in Texas ephemera collage and decoupaged by my Mom.

This guitar features popular Country and Western musicians.

Willie Nelson is her favorite Texas icon!

South of the Border and cowboy boot themed guitar in vibrant colors

Close up of vintage cowboy fabric covered sewing buttons

Vintage cowboy fabric sewing buttons

This sequined Moda jacket was purchased by a Branson, MO nightclub performer!

Lucky me! Found some cute horseshoe fabric and made these buttons!

Robert Kaufman Hit the Trail fabric in my esty shop

I’m from Texas, so naturally I love cowboys (especially when they wear Wranglers, but this blog is about crafting and vintage, not all that naughty stuff) Anyway, my favorite cowboy image is often portrayed on fabric, like this Robert Kaufman piece I just found yesterday! I’ll soon be visiting the folks back home, so will be showing some other cowboy related crafts as I prepare to hit the trail!

A vintage valentine designed to resemble a box of candy. Card puchased from Jacktastic.etsy.com

Ribbon and rose vintage candy box

Large candy box from See's with lacey edging

Candy box from Violet64 etsy shop

Vintage Candy Box from Violet64 on etsy

Vintage Valentine Candy Box from Violet64 on etsy

It wouldn’t matter if there were chocolate covered ants inside, as long as they come in a fancy vintage candy box! The more elaborate – the better.  Heck, forget the chocolates and just give me the empty box. I’m still building my own collection and don’t have any to sell, so I found another shop on etsy that has several and have pictured just a few here.  Check it out http://www.etsy.com/shop/violet64

Just got my valentines from Jack at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jacktastic. They are so cute!!

Real Swingers!

Wear your heart on your hand. Say I love you with four scrabble tile rings spelling out LOVE – or any other 4 letter word you prefer….

vintage inspiration

Vintage Inspiration